Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Quick update

Here, here, I do now declare that we have entered the slow season! For ELC staff that means we'll take a breather from field work, and put our planning and research hats on. For you blog-readers that means updates on programs might be a little dry, but have no fear, when possible I will liven things up with a winter wildlife tale or two.

Fright Night on the Trail went very well and, even though their was quite a chill in the air (and a lot of snow on the ground), 7 families still made it out to celebrate Halloween and learn about critters of the night. Thanks for braving the weather and taking part in this program!

This Saturday Nature F.A.D will take place. This is a program for fathers (and father figures) and their daughters. Research shows that girls' interest and success in science and science-related careers is directly related to the support of their fathers. Participants in this program will take part in field work with women scientists in various fields. We still have room in this program, so sign up now!

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