Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Conservation-minded tooth fairies...

I could not wait to write this post. I have a great tale for you that actually occured during our Octber 15th and 16th Great School Escapes. It goes something like this.

Participant: "I've lost 2 teeth in the past 2 days."
Staff member: "Do you have a tooth fairy?"
Participant: "Yes"
Staff member: "Did he or she come?"
Participant: "Not yet. I lost the first tooth yesterday and the second one this morning, so she's saving her energy and coming for both of them tonight."
Staff member: "Really. What do you mean by she's saving her energy?"
Participant: "You know, instead of coming once for each tooth she's only coming one time for both teeth. She's using less gas in her car that way."

Okay, I just thought that was the best answer ever.

Getting back to business, all 3 of Saturday's programs went very well. Girl Scout day was a success with 40 girls earning badges. Make a Difference Day also went well, but I'll let Hayes tell you more about that. The HeadStart on science fair also went really well.

As a staff we are super excited about Fright Night on the Trail this Friday from 5-7pm. Alysse has written a great lesson plan and we'll be learning all about owls, bats, spiders, and worms. Science song-writer, Mark Wesson, will also be back to serenade us in some nature songs. All ages are welcome, so RSVP soon for a great night of Halloween fun!

Don't forget about Nature F.A.D. (a program for fathers/father figures and daughters) on Saturday, November 7th. We also still have a few slots left in our November 30th Great School Escape. As always for more info on our programs, check out our website at www.cnr.colostate.edu/elc.

Have another great week!

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