Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Powered by the Sun!

This past Monday, twelve of Fort Collins' finest youth learned first-hand what it means to be powered by the sun. Had it not been for the sun on such a cold morning, we might have been huddled next to the space heaters scattered inside the nature center. Instead, we used solar and kinetic energy to warm up for a day of hands-on learning! After playing tag for a bit, we modeled electric currents, wrote folk tales about the meaning of the sun, walked the entire solar system (well, we did not get out to Pluto), and toured a solar panel on the CSU campus. We had fun and managed to stay warm! We still have four Great School Escapes this semester. Register now to join in on our adventures.

The rest of February will be pretty quiet around here. We will hold our monthly Service Saturday on Saturday, February 27th. Come out and help us ready the ELC for spring. Bring a friend or two with you!