Thursday, November 12, 2009

Fathers and Daughters doing science together!

Hello everyone! Our Nature F.A.D. program that took place this past weekend was quite the success. Seven father-daughter pairs took part in the event. Each pair used GPS coordinates to locate five different female scientists stationed out on the ELC trails. Together dads and girls participated in hands-on activities related to the particular expertise of each scientist. They explored the fascinating worlds of geology, wildlife biology, hydrology, soil science, and fire ecology. A fun time was had by all and our staff members took a lot of pictures. Once we get those uploaded I will be sure to share them!

This weekend we will attempt to make up a couple of our cub scout programs that were cancelled in October due to the snowy weather. I've got my fingers crossed that the skies are clear on Saturday afternoon.

In nature news, I found the creature in the picture below roaming my house last night. It is a fact that I love all creatures, but not enough that I want to live with all of them. This sucker was named Bergita (after a hermit crab I once had for 14 days), promptly scooped up in a cup, and relocated to the alley across the street.

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