Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Snow and Mink Sightings!

Unfortunately several programs were cancelled last week due to the cold weather and snow. I'm a big fan of the seasons, but I can't say I'm ready for snow...especially during our busiest month! The wet weather put a damper on Cub Scout day, but don't worry all you merit-badge seekers, we're working on a reschedule date!

Luckily the skies are drier this week and our programs are all scheduled to go off as planned. Our Great School Escapes take place on Thursday and Friday. I am super excited about them as Brittany, Fumie, and Carolyn jam-packed them full of unique activities and a lot of outdoor romping time. I am even getting out of the office to help out on Thursday...woo-hoo!

Though this weekend is program-less (giving our staff a bit of time to breath), we have a lot of cool events coming up. Girl Scout Day takes place a week from Saturday on the 24th. Our Halloween Fright Night on the Trail happens on the 30th and our monthly Service Saturday is going to be held on the 31st (perhaps we'll see some witches using their magic to rid the ELC of the invasive Russian Olive tree).

We have some exciting critter sightings to report. Three different people have spotted mink at the ELC within the past two weeks. One of the sightings was reported by our very own program staff member, Ally Eden. According to Ally the mink ran along side her, stopped, stared her in the eyes, jumped into the river, and ran away. "How was she sure it was a mink and not a muskrat?" you ask. Well, it had a fluffy tail! Again I am super jealous and think it is time for me to start spending more time out there again instead of in front of this computer.

Have a great week everybody and don't forget to get outside with your family and friends this weekend. It's supposed to be very nice!

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