Monday, September 21, 2009

What a Weekend!!!

This weekend started off with our staff preparing for the 10th annual Sustainable Living Fair here in Fort Collins. The CSU Environmental Learning Center was well represented on both Saturday and Sunday by staff members Tommy "The Taskmaster" Rokita, the "Very Vivacious" Veronica Kinn, Alysse "I'll Be There!" Brice, Hayes "Have you seen my ELC shirt?" Seubert, Carolyn "Woman in Control" Wilson, and Fumie the "Furiously Fastidious" Hiromitsu. These fine ELC-ers made it their mission to bring the noise to the community in terms of our awesome upcoming fall programs. Parents and children alike were enamoured by our science/wildlife display as well as our mad cognitive/emotional poster board skills, while various random visitors inquired about our Mink, which became a reoccuring confirmation throughout the day. It might also be pertinent to note that our furs on display were donated by the Colorado Division of Wildlife and that these animals were NOT tortured and murdered helplessly just so we could gaze upon their beautiful pelts, as one rather obtuse gentlemen was convinced. Regardless, the Sustainability Fair was a lot of fun and a huge help in outreach to the community.

Also this weekend, our Nature Center got a makeover thanks to the help of Collin "The Craftsman" Jacobsen, who constructed entirely new shelves on which to organize our millions of educational tools and tid-bits(a much needed improvement at the ELC). Collin has also been working on shoring up loose boards on the suspension bridge, replacing split-rail fence posts, and basically fixing whatever is made of wood using his excellent carpentry skills. The ELC garden also got some overdue attention on Friday, when volunteers helped harvest some of the final vegetables of the season, adding to our total harvest of 850+ pounds(YEAH!). Work went into winterproofing the garden for the upcoming months and preparing our compost pile for and even better season next spring. We also came across the largest caterpillar I've ever seen, which I was informed, was actually a Tomato Hornworm, a common garden pest that defoliates garden plants including Tomatoes, Potatoes, Eggplants and Peppers. Check it out!

In other news, the very first Great School Escape of this fall is happening NOW, Monday September 21st at the Nature Center. Today's program involves "Using Good Sense," and provides kids an opportunity for fun and learning using all five senses. Remember parents, when school is canceled its ELC to the rescue! Our next scheduled escape is scheduled for October 15th and 16th, Thursday and Friday so sign up soon.

This Saturday September 26th is also our first Service Saturday of this fall! The last Saturday of every month is reserved for volunteer help at the Nature Center, so come out and lend a hand from 10am to 2pm with varous projects and improvements at the ELC. Hope to see you There!

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