Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Ah...the calm before the storm...err, I mean program madness!

This past weekend was as busy as most fall weekends around the ELC. On Friday we had 4 different programs going on! On Saturday we joined other informal science educators at the Northern Colorado Birding Fair where we had kiddos and adults exploring bird beak adaptations! We also had our monthly Service Saturday, but I'll let Hayes, the service guru, tell you all about that.

In contrast, this week has been relatively calm...but as referenced in the post's title, this is that eerie calm before the storm! We have programs scheduled on nearly every day of October. Unlike the spooky calm green skies before a real storm, however, our staff are cheerfully planning these upcoming programs. When this storm hits there will only be floods of fun and lightning flashes of learning!

Get your feet wet in all this program madness starting this Friday at our Full Moon Program. Mark Wesson will be leading us in songs about nature and science around the campfire. On Saturday we have another program for families - Owl Long Will it Take?

In other news, our October Great School Escapes are full! We are also busily planning our Halloween Fright Night (mark your calendars for the evening of October 30).

Last Friday I helped facilitate a teacher training and happened to find a black widow spider while on my lunch break. I was super psyched and slightly creeped out. You know that feeling when you catch something weird in a jar and you are almost scared to touch the jar? Luckily my curiosity was too high to allow my fear to get the best of me. That sucker was really cool!

Last Thursday the ELC staff got together for our first staff bonding of the year. We played a great game about gold miners. We got to romp around our property and find 'gold' while avoiding 'robbers' - so much fun. We did, however, have two people injured - with yellow jacket stings. The injured were honorary staff member, Kaija Stafford (my 17 month old daughter) and new program staff member, Gemara (who was stung not once, but six times). All are fine, but the same can't be said for the yellow jacket nest. Yes, we love all living creatures, but we can't have yellow jackets hanging around the entrance to our trails, so Brett and Hayes took it upon themselves to remove the suckers...I'll let Hayes tell you about Operation Yellow Jacket and I'll make sure he shows you the picture of he and Brett in their Operation Yellow Jacket uniforms (its a really good one, I promise).

Hope to see you on Friday and Saturday!

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