Thursday, June 17, 2010


If you've not seen the Poudre River in the past few days you might want to take a look. Excessive snow melt and consecutive days of rain have lead to extremely high water levels along riparian areas in and around town. A great example of this happens to be the ELC, situated directly in the middle of the Poudre River.

Many of the trails at the ELC have become flooded and washed out with the rise and fall of water levels over the past weeks and will need to be repaired once the river falls back to its normal flow.

Washed out trails have made it difficult for this week's summer camp, Front Range Safari, to take place without getting slightly wet while hiking around the short loop. Most of the long loop, and still some sections of the short loop are underwater.

If you do decide to adventure across the bridge to reach the trails at the ELC, please do so with extreme caution. We recommend that you proceed to the right on the short loop rather than the left, as it is no longer flooded. More information regarding high water will follow in the coming weeks. Stay safe!

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